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Friday 23rd May - Day 110

Chasing Dolphins

Today is 'swimming with dolphins day.' That is, I go on an excursion for this puprose. A boat takes us on a 40 minute cruise to a spot where dolphins are swimming. We jump out of boat, wearing a wet suit, snorkel and fins and hope that they don't just swim away. We're also told to make noises and swim around and around to attract the dolphin's attention.

In hindsight the making noises and swimming around made no difference, the doplhins swam around us - sometimes swimmining straight at us - and changed direction at the last second. They were within touching distance, but knew how to be just out of reach. It was an awesome experience. They are masters in the water and we splashed around hoping for their attention.

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Thursday 22nd May - Day 109

DeJa Vu - Christchurch

We're back back again.

Nothing has changed since the last vist, but we're still northbound. It's quite slow here, so we can recharge our batteries.

It's also Champions the League final today. I go to a pub at 7:00am full of Chelsea and Manchester United fans. I end up sitting next to some rowdy Manchester United fans. It was obviously a little early for them too as they probably hadn't showered. Not too early to drink beer though ??? Why they chose to applaud substitutions, swear at opposition players and sing chants is a little beyond me. It's not as though the players could hear them. The guy next to me kept on screaming things like, "f*ing get up Ballack, you f*ing girl." Charming.

We leave Christchurch and on the way drop in at an animal sanctuary to see Kiwis, among other things. The Kiwi is a very strange creature indeed. It likes quiet and darkness; not the best formula in which to observe them. It was very difficult to make them out in the enclosure, a little bit of a let down to be honest. I was very tempted to point my pocket torch at them so I could see properly.

Another drive follows, towards Kikora. The roads can be a little deserted (apologies if I have printed this picture before)


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Wednesday 21st May - Day 108


It's a test of my driving of this metal can up steep windy roads. At the end we're at a town called Akaroa. It could be the equivalent of England's Torquay. It's where people can go for a quiet life.

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Tuesday 20th May - Day 107

Lake Takepo

Another pretty looking lake. Another long drive to get there. Very slowly heading north and getting warmer ever so slightly.

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Monday 19th May - Day 106

Pick up a Penguin

Lot's of driving and a visit to a beach where yellow-eyed Penguins come ashore. It's not something you see everyday. It's strange how rare sights like this don't amaze me any more.

More driving - off to see Lake Takepo

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