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Thursday 8th May - Day 95

The Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

Apart from the little episode yesterday, I feel very relaxed and carefree and looking forward to seeing what New Zealand has to offer. Over the last few months I have gotten use to walking at my own pace, eating when I want to, going to sleep when I want to, taking my time seeing some things and quickly passing by others. I've come accross people who are spending weeks and months in places where I may stay only a day or so. So, I am in no rush to visit "everywhere."

However, my new travel companion seems to have a different mind set and it's like looking at the rabbit from Alice in wonderland: Looking at her watch and frantically trying to rush here and there.

I propose we stay in Christchurch another day and hope this calms her down little, as I can't be dealing with running around. Early evening we look at a campervan as this is to be our main mode of transport - not my choice.

The rest of the day is spent visiting the botanical gardens again and wondering around souvenir shops.

This is a picture of the centre of Christchurch. If you visit here in the near future, you will find it's quite easy to find your way around using the centre as a reference, helped by a free map from a Tourist Information office. You will also find a guy with 'Special Needs' playing a recorder or similar musical wind instrument and making a good living from it. And a guy in a kilt trying to look scottish and doing his dare devil act of lying on broken glass.


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Wednesday 7th May - Day 94

Idiot Magnet

Slowly trying to find my way around a new country. I must have some kind of strong idiot magnet in my pocket as I am approached by one. Minding my own business, wondering around the botanical gardens, I'm approached by someone who looks about 13 years of age, wearing a hooped rugby shirt, who starts making ridiculous small talk about the tree I was admiring and tells me he is top in his kick boxing class. He beckons his friends over who are a short distance away and walking slowly towards me. They are from the local public school and have been using the sporting facilites in the gardens, playing football or something. It dawns on me that he wants to start a fight. I manage to keep calm and refrain from beating the living cr*p out of him before his friends turn up. I turn and slowly walk away. Thankfully, he didn't follow me.

How ironic, in the country I was expecting least problems with and beggining my visit with the most positive vibe, I have to dodge being involved in a fight with a moron !

The rest of the day is uneventful and I return to my hostel and a quiet evening.

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Tuesday 6th May - Day 93

Goodbye Australia, Hello New Zealand

Catching the 5:10 am bus was no fun but a new adventure awaits - New Zealand.

Arrived in Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand around 3pm local time. A friendly minibus service at the airport takes us to the hostel we are staying at.

The temperature is a little lower in New Zealand, it's going into their winter. There's a familiar feel about New Zealand - a little English. There are only a million people who live in the South Island and because it is the low season for tourists it seems slow, quiet and relaxed; I'm sure this is partly due to my preconceptions of New Zealand.

We visit the local botanical gardens - a very big park, there's a lot of space here.

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Monday 5th May - Day 92

Visit to the Blue Mountains

This is an excursion to see a famous mountain site a few hours away from Sydney.

Tomorrow morning I am leaving Australia for New Zealand, so this will be virtually the last major thing I see of Australia.

The sight of the Blue mountains and a visit to a local waterfall does not disappoint.


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Sunday 4th May - Day 91

Star Wars day

'May the 4th be with you'

It's my birthday and nobody sent me a card. That's it, you are all off my Christmas card list !

Revisited sights for the benefit of my travelling companion: Sydney Opera House, Paddys market,Botanical gardens.

In the evening went to a Vietnamese restaurant with Pat, it would be the last time we meet up. I had the hottest starter I've ever had ! It was a sort of soup, I can't remember the name, but the restaurant made it specially hot for us. It was filing and delicious and I ended up taking the rest of the meal away to eat later.
Another day flies by.

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