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Saturday 3rd May - Day 90

A visitor from England

Up to now, for the most part, I've been travelling by myself and seeing new faces. Now I'm joined by a friend from England. I'm more than happy to carry on the way things have been going. Hopefully, we'll get on okay, as we'll also be travelling in a camper van around New Zealand for a month.

Said my farewells to Pat today and thank you very much for looking after me for the last few days.

I revisited Manley beach. It must be great to have a beach like this near your door step. There are people jogging, playing beach volley ball and surfers trying to catch the waves. And the inevitable tourists like me.

The return ferry trip takes me back to near Sydney Opera House an another look at it. At about 6pm I head to the airport by train to meet my hanger-on. Beware if you make the same trip as you are charged an extra fare at the airport to come in; the station is privately owned.

At 7:30 pm we finally meet. We travel back by train to hostel where we are staying for the night called, 'X-Base' in Sydney. Unfortunately, the hostel is next door to a nightclub so it's 3 in the morning before everything quietens down and we can sleep.

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Friday 2nd May - Day 89

What else has Sydney to offer

I visit Sydney Opera House again. And take numerous photographs. I also take pictures of the bridge. On the way, I pop into a few shops to see what's on sale. Things are about the same price as back home in England. I like the food halls - lot's of variety.

I spend a few hours wondering around the aquarium in Sydney. I'm not sure how it compares to other aquariums, but there's a lot to see.

Next I go to Paddy's market. At last, somewhere where stuff is cheap. There are loads of stalls selling everything from fruit to clothes, souvenirs, normal stuff you would find at any market.

Manly beach is less well known than Bondi but I’m told it’s worth a visit. I run out of time getting from Paddy’s market to the ferry that takes you to the beach so cut my trip short and head back to Sydney central taking a brief look at Sydney Opera House and Bridge as they are lit up in the evening, just to get a different perspective.

At about 7pm when Pat and Mai have finished work we meet up to go out to a restaurant - it’s a Korean – never had Korean before. The food is good. I can’t really describe the differences between Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food but if it tastes good that’s all that counts.

We order our food and we have to cook the meat ourselves. In the middle of the table is like gas burner/ barbequing plate – this is new to me. A good night out was had by all

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Thursday 1st May - Day 88

Sydney Opera house or Lotus Temple ?

-50 °C

Sydney Opera House

I've been looking forward to seeing Sydney Opera House for a long time. How does it compare to the Lotus Temple in India ?

Queen Street is the main street running through Sydney and leads up to Sydney Harbour. I catch my first glimpse of the Opera House as I cross the road and walk towards the sea. Yes, it's really impressive. It's a warm sunny day and the famous white, ship's sail-like features of Sydney Opera House are unmistakable. It takes about 5 minutes to walk up to it, but this takes longer as Sydney bridge is in view too.

A long line of about 30 steps are just in front of Sydney Opera House and you need to climb these to get closer. I walk closer and closer almost expecting to be stopped from touching it by security or somebody. No problem. Compared to the Lotus Temple it is on a grander stage. Where the Lotus Temple is one big arena, the Opera House has more levels inside, more rooms, has the functions of a concert hall and is bigger over all. It has cafes shops and restaurants around. Clearly, the Lotus Temple design has been influenced by Sydney Opera house, but it doesn't surpass it in splendor. I'll be back to see it a few times.


Sydney Tower

To see a high 360 degree view of Sydney you need to buy a ticket to go up Sydney Tower. There's also the opportunity to buy a ticket to do a walk outside the building over a glass floor, which didn’t really appeal. There’s a third thing you can do here and that is to see a short 3D show about Australia’s main attractions: The Great Barrier Reef, Outback, etc. The 3D show which is followed by a simulation ride through Australia is interesting but not unmissable. The view from the top of the tower is definitely worth doing and gives a you an idea of what a nice place Sydney is. It beats the view from the Empire State building of New York (a trip I did last year) easily.

Early evening, I go back to Pat’s and have a home cooked meal again - bonza!

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Wednesday 30th April - Day 87

What a complete waste of time

I've made a mistake in booking a greyhound bus trip form Melbourne to Sydney! I leave Melbourne at 7:00am and arrive in Sydney at 8:00pm. It's been waste of a day. The flight would have been about an hour.

I'm met by Patrick, who is a friend who use to live in Ipswich (England not Australia) who moved here a year ago with his wife Mia. They both work in Sydney. Pat's parents are over to visit them and I'm lucky enough to have a cozy bed for the night and home cooked Vietnamese food.

Pat notices I've got a tan from the last time we met. I notice he has lost weight - working too hard.

Has another calendar month really gone by ?

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Tuesday 29th April - Day 86

A little bit of Melbourne

I travel into the city centre to take a look around and do a little bit of window shopping.

At the end of the day I'm not really that familiar with Melbourne. People tell me it's a cosmopolitan town; I do see people from different backgrounds, but I haven't really spent enough time here to appreciate it.

In the evening I go out for a meal at a Thai restaurant. I'm the only one there, but I've eaten a lot of not so good food; takeaway food is cheap in Australia and everything else isn't. The food is good, but not terrific.

Back at the hostel I talk to some of the residents. They're about to revolt as they are fed up with the landlady. She leaves messages for them like, "If you leave dirty dishes in the kitchen, you are a loser". Most of the people staying there are there for at least a week, from what I can gather, and they are a little messy, but these notices seem a little unnecessary. I'm glad I'm leaving in the morning and won't be in broiled in this nonsense

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