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Monday 28th April - Day 85

Walking in the Sky

The hostel we stayed at last night was very small and the town even smaller. According to the guide there are only about 15 inhabitants. Nevertheless, they still have a convenience store and a pub, so they're not uncivilized.

We see similar stuff to yesterday, more of 'The Great Ocean Road' and the views from it. In addition we get to visit 'The Otway Treetop Skywalk'. This is almost like a theme park of a rain forest. We walk along paths and see the amazing rain forest around us. In the middle of all this are huge suspended walkways made from metal suspension bridges and a tower that is a treetop height. It certainly gives you a different perspective of the rainforest.

It's more 'Great Ocean Road and we are driven back to our accommodation in Melbourne at the end of the day.

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Sunday 27th April - Day 84

What do you mean there are only seven apostles ?

-17 °C

Today we go for another 10k walk up the mountains, same old stuff - not that it's boring.

Having done the Grampians part of the journey we can now travel along the Great Ocean Road. This is testimony to the fact you shouldn't go just by what other people say, as I was given the impression that it was a very narrow, winding and dangerous road. It is, but ... it's not excessively so.

We stop off at various points along the route to see waves crashing spectacularly onto the shore or banks. We also get to walk on the beaches. There is a famous story of two people surviving a shipwreck at a place called Loch Ard Gorge and the sea here is clearly very rough. It's a 'must see and visit' place for all tourists. Nearby is a blow hole. The sea rushes in through a channel and bursts out of a hole, a little bit like an erupting volcano.

Also, in the same area are the 'twelve apostles' - there are only seven of them (I think). If I heard the story correctly, they used to be called 'pigs' by the locals, but 'the twelve apostles' made them sound more interesting for tourists. These are naturally formed limestone pillars that stand just off the coast and in the sea. There are only seven of them, but it looks like another one was being created due to the erosion caused by the sea.

We're given the opportunity to take a 7 minute helicopter ride over the area - not free. I've never been in a helicopter before, so why not. It is a memorable experience. The view from above is spectacular. Everyone should have a helicopter. If I had a spare 250 thousand pounds in the bank I would buy one.

I could easily stay here for much longer, but by definition, 'traveling' means I must move on. Here's a picture of two of the apostles


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Saturday 26th April - Day 83

It's a little cold

My room was freezing last night ! It probably wasn't really that cold, but Melbourne is a lot further South than Brisbane and that makes a difference. I make my way to where the bus is waiting for me at 7:00am; I'm going on a 3 day excursion to see the Grampian mountains and then to travel along the Great Ocean Road.

I'm not really sure what I signed up for. I was given a choice of a one day, two day or three day trip on the great ocean road and I chose three days. We set off to the Grampians - another international set of about fifteen travellers. This time it's people from other countries I haven't met before like Persia (Iran, I think). This girl doesn't look sixteen years old and she's studying engineering at university here; I'm guessing she's a genius, but I didn't ask. There are no international relationship conflicts throghut the trip.

The Grampians are a range of mountains named after the mountain range in Scotland. There is little logic to this as they aren't similar at all (so I'm told). It takes us about for hours to get there by bus and we go on a hike to one of the peaks. If you're into climbing mountains in a way that doesn't require ropes and other climbing gear this is ideal. The view from the peak is well worth the hour long climb. The intermittent rain is a little bit of a nuisance but nothing more. It's difficult to describe the view: It's high, panoramic, quiet, peaceful, windy, you see a lot of trees below you, other mountains around and although many people have done it before you feel like one of the few who has. And then you make the journey down.

We are then driven to a hostel to stay. The Guide, with our help, cooks us spaghetti bolognese. It wouldn't win any cookery prizes but we all have to eat and are grateful for it. And most people go to bed early.

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Friday 25th April - Day 82

Anzac Day

Today is a public holiday in Australia and most stores are closed. In the morning there is a parade through Brisbane with all the armed forces represented and veterans marching along with family members. The Australians seem to honour their armed forces highly and treat Anzac day as their chance to reinforce that view. People line the streets and sporadic applauds rings out. The parade ends around midday.

There's not much time left after doing a few basic things like washing my clothes (it's the butler's day off) etc. My flight to Melbourne is at 5:30pm.

I arrive at my hostel in Melbourne around 7pm and have a wonder around the streets a little. I will be leaving early in the morning for another excursion.

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Thursday 24th April - Day 81


Today I'm going to get a little 'Kulchur' in. The museum visit didn't take long and it included a visit up the clock tower of the town hall. Once the tallest building in Brisbane it is dwarfed by skyscrapers.

The 'botanical gardens' are 'parks' as we know them in England. Really nice parks at that. It can't take much persuasion to go and play Rounders or football with a group of friends in the park when the weather is so good, and there are plenty of people doing it.

Food, TV, bed - that's all for the rest of today.

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