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Sunday 18th May - Day 105

Queenstown revisited

A return visit here to look around and window shop again for a few hours.

We're circling around now and heading north.

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Saturday 17th May - Day 104

Rare Birds

A bit if a relaxed day today, except for the long drive near the end. We stayed around Lake Manopuri and visited a nearby wildlife sanctuary to see some rare birds.

Then driving again.

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Friday 16th May - Day 103

There's no doubt about it

This is definitely a must see.



It's a little cold this time of year, but the sights are well worth seeing as shown in the photographs. When we reach the outer edge of Doubtful sound the boat engine is turned off and we are asked for complete silence for a couple of minutes. Looking around, the place is as nature intended and was probably exactly the same thousands of years ago.

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Thursday 15th May - Day 102

The Luge

A Gondalo takes you up a mountain In Queenstown that has an intersting view over the city. You can also take a ride on a luge, which isbasically a fun sledge on wheels running over a trmac surface - a little bit of fun.

We then drive towards Doubtful Sound - named after cCaptai Cookhtought it would be doubtful a ship could sfely sail in and sail back out again. It fact it's not a sound but a fjord (a long, narrow arm of the sea bordered by steep cliffs, usually formed by glacial erosion.).

Doubftful is the lesser known of the two main fjords in New Zealand, the other being Milford Sound. This will be the visit tomorrow. We head towards Manapouri to camp.

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Wednesday 14th May - Day 101

Another Lake

It's another lake to admire and sightseeing opportunity. Quite often around the lakes are ducks, chickens, all manner of birds who are used to being fed by humans. Even at some camp sites, in the morning, ducks will come up to the van in the morning making noises and expect to be fed.

Next, we head to Queenstown and take a look around. It's a nice little town.

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